SIWA and SIWA Foundation offer to acquire knowledge in survival also through its Volunteer section in Costa Rica, as well as recreational activities so you can do once you are in this beautiful country, and here we will provide all the information you need to know to participate in our ECO-VOLUNTEER project.
SIWA y SIWA Foundation le ofrecen adquirir conocimientos en supervivencia tambien a traves de su sección de Voluntariado en Costa Rica, así como actividades recreativas para que pueda realizar en este hermoso país, y aquí le brindaremos toda la información que usted necesita saber para participar en nuestro proyecto ECO-Volunteer.



Barra Honda National Park

With 2,295 hectares and located in Guanacaste, this site represents thousands of years of geological history with an extensive system of caverns, forest patches, areas of forest regeneration, waterfalls, springs of water and a large amount of wild fauna as well as birds.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve

With 1,270 terrestrial hectares and 1,800 marine hectares, located in Puntarenas this site presents a scenario made up of mountains covered with forest and the proximity of an area rich in marine and terrestrial ecological ecosystems provide it with great beauty.

Diriá National Park

With 5,430 hectares and located in Santa Cruz, this site is characterized by protecting different unique ecosystems of the place, where there are many plants and animals of the dry and humid tropical forest.

Bromelias Ecological Hostel

Rincón de la Vieja National Park

With 14,090 hectares and located in Guanacaste, has great attractions due to the importance of its ecosystems, is divided into Las Pailas and Santa Maria, both sites of great tourist visit.

Guayabo National Monument

It is comprised of between 15 and 20 hectares and is located in turrialba of the province of Cartago. It is a stable site to protect and conserve one of the most important archaeological resources of the country, it is a site with escabations that suggest an archeological development.

Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve

With 2,279 hectares and located in Guanacaste protect a dry tropical forest, rich in species of insects, bees, wasps and diurnal and nocturnal butterflies, abundant water sources such as rivers and natural springs.

Volcán Arenal National Park

With 12,080 hectares and located in the Cordillera de Guanacaste is this site of undeniable importance with lava flows since 1992, a
ceiba tree with more than 400 years and trails along the rainforest.

Volcán Tenorio National Park

Located in the Cordillera de Guanacaste, with exuberant natural beauty, the site has a river of celestial waters surrounded by a forest, landscapes worthy of knowing and has a tropical jungle that shelters and protects many species of flora and fauna.

Isla del Caño Biological Reserve.

Covered by a tropical rain forest, with approximately 158 species of plants. The fauna present in the site is scarce, there are about 10 species of birds and not many mammals among small snakes, frogs and lizards. The island protects very important marine environments.

Manuel Antonio National Park.

With 430 hectares is a small biological island, with different activities such as agriculture, livestock and high tourism development. With a forest in the process of regeneration. It is the wilderness area that receives the greatest amount of national tourism for its great beauty.


Marino las Baulas National Park

With 612 hectares and located in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, it is a Conservation Area and also a tourist attraction based on the nesting of the Baula turtle that is the largest in the world and is in danger of extinction.

Camaronal National Wildlife Refuge

Con 220 hectareas y ubicado en la Peninsula de Nicoya su principal actividad es la conservacion de los 4 tipos de tortugas marinas que anidan en el lugar y la protexion del ecosistema de bosques y areas de regeneracion natural

Ostional National Wildlife Reserve

With 587 terrestrial hectares and 8000 marine hectares and located between the cantons of Santa Cruz and Nicoya, this place is considered the most important nesting site for the Lora turtle in the world due to its size and frequency.

AgroZapotal Integral Didactic Plot

Pacuare Turtle Reserve

Located in the province of Limon, 40km from Tortuguero, this place is created for the protection of 3 species of sea turtles: the Leatherback Turtle, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle that is very scarce and is protected throughout the year.

Romelia Wildlife Refuge

Located in the Montezuma of the Nicoya Peninsula, this site is mainly dedicated to the protection and nesting of the olive Lora turtle.

Beach Nombre de Jesús

Located in Mata Palo, Guanacaste this site is dedicated to the protection and nesting of the Baula turtle and also has a place open to visitors, volunteers and surfers.

Golfito Wildlife Refuge

Located in the Golfito sector of the Province of Puntarenas this site is dedicated to the protection of the water resource as well as the care of flora and fauna

Los Guardianes Wildlife Refuge

With 430 hectares and located in Puerto Viejo de Limón, this place is dedicated to agro-ecological and self-sustainable works with vegetation and wild animals for its care and management.

Animal Rescue Center

With 3.5 hectares and located in Golfito, this site is dedicated to the conservation as well as the care of wild animals rescued with the help of volunteers, projects are carried out for the beautification of the place and the tranquility during the stay of the animals.


Coroma High School

With 612 hectares and located in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste this site is dedicated to the conservation of animals and also has tourist attractions dedicated to capasitacion or education of people on issues related to flora and fauna.

Home of the Oropendola

Kekoldy Investigation Area

Recreational Activities


Flights in AutoGyro

Located in Barrio Aranjuez de Puntarenas, the Flywthus pilot school offers low cost flights on one of the coasts of our country where you can get to know a lot of it on an ultralight vehicle.

Parachute Jump

Located in the Aeroclub of the Aranjuez neighborhood of Puntarenas, the School of Jumpers in Parachute invites you to take a jump over the central Pacific where you will learn puntarenas from the air in a Tandem style (with an instructor)

Orosí Canopy

Located in Orosí de Cartago, with 11 cables at 40m height and lengths from 50 to 450m away, a suspension bridge over the treetops and beautiful trails for the enjoyment of visitors.

El Cañon Canopy

Located in Guachipelín de Guanacaste, a place where we can fly among the trees, climb, swing and cross suspension bridges over the strait of a canyon with walks between one and the other.


Surf Lessons

We help you to take a Surf, Longboard, SUP Surf, SUP Race and SUP Recreational class in Jaco de Puntarenas, using the Explanation-Demonstration-Participation-Feedback method.

1st Diving Course DSD

The course preparation of a day in Tamarindo of Guanacaste with theories, times of submergence in confined water, being this the preparation for the level 2 course where you should submerge on your own.

Orosí Rafting

If you like to get wet, the rivers and the adrenaline we invite you to expertly raft with us on 6.4km with fast levels 2 and 3 in the Rio Grande de Orosí.

Snorkeling Tamarindo

An all-day Snorkeling tour from Playa Langosta and Tamarindo, Guanacaste and heading to the Catalinas Islands for immersions and enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape

Guachipelin Tubing

A roller coaster of water in the Rio Negro aboard round personal rafts, enjoy a fun adventure that does not stop where it will bounce and splash.

Guachipelon Canyoning

In this place you will experience thrilling rappels in the majestic Cascades, Chapusones, Rappel, Rock Climbing assisted by a rock wall and a Pendulum inside a waterfall.


Tortuga Island Tour

A full day tour in Turtle Island enjoying the roundtrip boat trips, departing from a small dock in Puntarenas, a delicious lunch as well as an hour of Snorkeling.

Tour to the Monte Sky Ecological Viewpoint

The accommodation of one night, dinner and breakfast included in a natural paradise to have enough time to know the place as well as its waterfalls, trails, viewpoints and all the wonders that this beautiful place offers.

Island San Lucas Tour

Come and meet the Natural Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area as well as its history, its ruins and its buildings, where the most dangerous inmates of the country were housed from 1873 to 1991.

Dolphins and Mangroves Tour

The tour is a small tour early, hoping to see dolphins on the Pacific coast and then half a day to go to the mangroves of these same coasts.

Walk to Las Chorreras Waterfalls.

A small walk of 1.5 km (30 minutes) within trails and a landscape of tropical dry forest to the Twin Falls that form a pool on your way where you can bathe.

Butterfly, Frog and Serpentarium

Come and enjoy an interesting ecosystem for many animals and plants, with 3 of the largest families of butterflies of Costa Rica, 23 species of snakes of which 11 are poisonous and 6 species of frogs.

Walk to the Oropendola Waterfall.

This tour is composed of a 3.5 km walk (45 minutes) to the sector of the Pailas, with fumaroles, geysers, bubbling mud pots to reach the beautiful Oropendola Waterfall.

Horseback Riding to the Thermal Springs.

An excellent tour to the best hot springs in the area, on our quiet and friendly horses, leaving from corral for beautiful trails to the river that has 10 pools with mineral waters and naturally heated.

Horseback Riding to the Falls.

Come and enjoy this tour riding towards waterfalls that fall on a pool of mineral waters of blue color and then another ride and a short walk we will reach the next waterfall where you can take a chapuson and a rest before returning.

Mountain bike Tour.

Excellent mountain biking tours, singletrack trails in three different routes that can satisfy all levels, with 30 km of trails and trails in the shade along a river with incredible views.


Diego Ignacio Soto Blanco
Director of the Volunteer Program
(Cartago, Costa Rica)
Phone: +506 8511 86 41